What You Should Consider When Getting A Camping Tent

If you are planning to buy a tent but don’t know where to start, this post is for you! Discover the essential features to check before making your purchase, such as size and weight, waterproofing, overhead, seams, and comfort.

Before starting, we need to explain that there is no good tent or bad tent even in website; what exists is a tent that is more or less adequate for what you need. And also, know that the national market lacks stalls with some specific characteristics, and what would be the ideal stall for you, if it is something particular, may not exist. 


In addition to good waterproofing, the type of roof must be observed if you want a lot of protection. Some tents have a full roof that covers the entire tent (and protects more, especially from the rain). Others have a partial roof (which generally does not cover the front of the tent) and can be critical in heavier rains and wind, as the room is not usually waterproofed. Some tents do not have an overhead roof (or only have a little hat on top) and are models that we do not recommend using in nature without having some extra protection on the tent, as, without the overhead roof, waterproofing is compromised. They tend to be cheap, small, and light, but they’ll probably let you down when you need protection the most.


Another factor that may be important to assess is whether the tent such as 20×40 clear top tent is self-supporting or not. What does that mean? Self-supporting tents stand up even without the pegs and are usually igloos models. But several models do not stand up without the pegs, limiting their use a little. If you want a tent that you can set up without pegs, choose a self-supporting tent!


If you want a tent to stay camping in longer or with more comfort, look for one with a spacious and closed full pitch, like the Indy, Zeus, Kathmandu, Super Squirrel, etc. A complete and spacious headboard makes a lot of difference if you are going to camp for a long time or on rainy days, as the camp is more comfortable.

Distrust on

It is good to always leave the distrust meter on if the tent is very cheap and very light, be suspicious; this model will probably let you down when you need it the most, and they are models that we do not advise you to buy. As a rule, the lighter in good and technical tents, the more expensive they are.