Snow Removal: How To Remove Snow From The Roof


Ice dams form on a roof when heat rising from the house begins to melt the snow. As the water hits the eaves of the roof, it refreezes. Gradually, this process results in ice dams extending up to your roof for several meters. Sometimes, de-icing does more damage to shingles than it prevents. Roof de-icing becomes necessary if your roof starts to leak. Things You’ll Need

  • Roof Rake
  • Wood Pole
  • Deicer Chemical
  • Fan

Remove snow buildup with a roof rake. Stay on the floor while you do this; never climb on an icy roof. Leave a small amount of snow on the roof to avoid damaging the shingles with the rake.

Remove large icicles to prevent damage to the gutters. Tap the icicle gently with a long wooden stick. Do not hit them aggressively, as this could damage the roof or gutter.

Make drainage ways with hot water if you have a dormer on your roof. Use streams of hot water to cut paths in the ice leading to the gutters. Make multiple paths to partition the ice—direct hot water at the ice sections to loosen them and make them fall to the ground.

Throw a chemical deicer to the roof. Avoid using products that contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride, as these can damage your roof. Select a product that contains calcium magnesium acetate, ammonium sulfate, or potassium chloride. Urea will also work, but not as effective.

How To Make The Ice Melt Faster

If your garage has a thick layer of ice preventing you from safely getting out of the house, you will have to find a way to melt the ice quickly. Because very hot water is not always readily available for all sidewalks, you can melt ice using a mixture of calcium chloride and salt that melts ice faster than any other mix. Calcium Chloride Mixtures can be found at DIY stores and online. Things you need or visit website 

  • Calcium Chloride Mixture
  • Shovel

Show More Instructions

  • Spread a thin, even layer of the calcium chloride mixture over the entire ice area
  • Allow the mixture to stand on ice for one hour
  • Gently break up the ice with a shovel and clean up any pieces that can be easily removed
  • Add another layer of the calcium chloride mixture if the ice layer is too thick 1to melt entirely during the first hour. Let it sit for an hour, and clean off any remaining ice chips

You can also consider using salt from salt distributors in St Paul for example.