Why is a warehouse racking system needed?

A racking system in a warehouse is a storage solution that has is designed to store products or materials in horizontal rows with varying levels. This storage system can help you better utilize and manage the space of the warehouse while organizing the cargo to allow a streamlined flow of operations. If you want to know the drive-in racking system details, check out the drive in racking system Malaysia.

What to consider when choosing a ranking system?

Every warehouse has a different requirement. The tracking system should be efficient enough to increase the utilization of the space without hampering any of the operations, especially the product’s picking process. To understand which ranking system is the best one for your needs, you should look at the following factors:


The cost for each pallet. This factor must be considered when you ensure that the tracking system is enough to adhere to all the warehouse needs.

Floor utilization

The racking system’s ability to maximize the use of the floor space.

Storage utilization

The amount of storage space you will need will depend on the size, weight, and quantity of your cargo. You have to check how much space you will need for the racking system in storage utilization.

Accessibility to forklift

Can forklifts move in and out of the aisle to place and remove bulk cargoes? For this, you will have to take into account the aisle width.


Can the racking system accommodate a wide range of goods?

Inventory management

What type of inventory retrieval is required?

When selecting a ranking system for the warehouse, you need to consider the above options. You need to look for a ranking system that can increase your productivity and enhance your storage capacity. Check out the pallet racking system Malaysia for your palette racking needs. Here are some common racking systems for you to choose from:

Types of racking systems

Pallet flow rack

They are also referred to as carton flow rack. These racking systems are designed for the first-in, first-out storage system. These are ideal for use in the case of materials that have expiration dates like beverages and food materials. This has an inclined racking system that allows the cartons or pallets to get stocked on one side and keep gliding at a controlled pace towards the picking aisle. 

Selective pallet rack

Extremely durable and ideal for products with no expiry. It offers high selectivity and is available in various depths and heights.

Drive-in racking system

High density, last-in, first-out storage system. Provides amazing space utilization capabilities. Eliminates multiple aisle needs reducing the overall square footage need.

Cantilever rack

Perfect for bulk or long items storage. Used for storing lumber, furniture, and piping. It contains arms that can be further optimized by load retention and the angle needed for a specific operation.

Push back rack

Last-in, first-out high-density rack storage. This tracking system eliminates the need for driving in or reaching into the rack. It pushes the previous product ahead once the product in front has been removed.