Importance Of Packaging In Logistics

The main objective of investing in the packaging in logistics such as Cowtown express is to ensure the physical integrity of products to reach customers in perfect condition. Various types, shapes, and sizes can be used as needed in just one operation. Learn more about how important it is to operations.

in storage

Packaging helps in stocking and moving products in the warehouse, protecting them from damage that can occur internally. It is essential to note capacity and stackability.

In moving and handling

Packaging needs to be resistant and offers easy handling to optimize movement in the various stages of

the logistics processes.

in Transport

In Transport such as otr trucking companies for example, the packaging must be designed to make the best use of the space inside the vehicle, in addition to protecting the products during the journey.

Care In Choosing To Package

Product Suitability

They must be designed to take advantage of space while being strong to protect the products. This means they can’t be too tight (at the risk of tearing) or too wide (leaving the item loose and subject to damage).

Environmental Impact

Sustainability is an increasingly demanded practice. The ideal is to bet on recyclable, returnable, or reusable materials.

Packaging Costs

It is necessary to balance the quality of the packaging with a reasonable cost — not to make the operation too expensive — while combining strength with weight, which cannot be high, as this affects the freight price.


Assessing whether the packaging has certification is essential. Through it, you have the guarantee that the packaging is capable of protecting the goods from possible damage.

Importance Of Packaging In The Life Of A Product

Although product protection is the primary function of packaging, it also plays other roles, such as:

  • accommodate the products adequately
  • provide information about the items
  • generate consumer appeal

Types Of Packaging In Logistics


These packages have direct contact with the item and protect it directly. This is the case with the plastic that surrounds


They store primary packaging and may or may not be used for Transport. This is the case of the cardboard box that involves a medicine pack.


They group secondary packaging and already have the role of packaging the products for Transport. An example is a large box containing a batch of several tea bags.


They accommodate a large number of units and greatly facilitate handling and Transport. A pallet is an excellent option.

Fifth Level

They are usually geared towards Transport over long distances, as is the case with containers used in international shipments.