How does the Northwest Registered Agent work?

Unlike other LLC incorporation services, Northwest’s registered agent allows you to incorporate an LLC in ways: by doing it yourself, through their VIP service, or by paying them full price upfront and hiring them to set up your incorporation of an LLC.

To do this yourself, you need to check Northwest Registered Agent review and sign up for a free account. The Northwest Registered Agent provides guidelines for forming an LLC. You also have access to downloadable business forms (e.g. Articles of Association, LLC Operating Agreement, country-specific). You also have the option of taking advantage of ancillary services such as those mentioned above.

Only when you sign up for your VIP service or hire an agent registered in the Northwest to form your LLC for you will your formation process is similar to other online LLC formation services:

  1. First, select the type of business (LLC) you want, the state in which it is deposited, and whether you want to pay in advance or monthly.
  2. Then answer a few questions about and about our new business. You need to identify your business purpose, physical business address, and mailing address.
  3. Next, fill in your contact information, including your name, mailing address, zip code, city, state, country, and phone number.
  4. Then choose the optional features your business needs.
  5. Next, review your order, proceed with payment and that’s it.

Free Account (No State Registration Fees)

As detailed above, the Free Account allows you to set up your LLC through the guides and free document downloads on the Northwest Registered Agent website.

What you get with your free online account:

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Corporate Training Packages Northwest Registered Agent LLC offers 3 training options (no state fee):

  • Free
  • Fully Paid
  • VIP Services

Here is a detailed breakdown of each corporate training package and pricing:

You can get as many additional services as you need with your free online account:

  • Online Customer Account – You will have access to the best registered agent in California online customer account where you can access and download information and storage of important business documents.
  • Northwest Registered Agent Customer Support: Get access to the company’s fast and helpful customer support.
  • Summary: This package is good if you are confident of your ability and time to start your LLC yourself.

Payment in Full ($ 225 plus State Fees)

Payment in full means you will prepay your State Fees and Service Fees to the Northwest Registered Agent. You get the same services as the free account plus two more.

When you prepay, you get:

  • Registered Agent Service – Get Company Registered Agent Services for free for the first year, and then pay $ 125 per year thereafter.
  • Limited Mail Forwarding – Northwest’s registered agent will allow you to select the state your mail will be sent to and provide a unique address and suite number for your business in that state. Summary: The Pay in Full Package is good if you just want to start your LLC and get help with maintaining

VIP Service (plus State fees depending on your LLC location) When you

sign up for Northwest Registered Agent VIP Service, you can start your LLC and have it serviced for you. You get all the services of the free account and the full-payer plus six packages.

Here’s what you get with this training package:

  • State Registration Fees – You will typically need to prepay government registration fees. With your VIP services, the Northwest Registered Agent pays the state fee for you and you reimburse it monthly.
  • Company Formation – Northwest Registered Agent initiates and completes the entire LLC registration process for you
  • From business address free of charge: Northwest Registered Agent allows you to use your company address on your training materials. This is useful if your company doesn’t have a physical address yet.
  • EIN Filing – Northwest’s registered agent will submit your EIN so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • Annual, Biennial, or Periodic Government Filing – Save the hassle of writing and filing government compliance requirements as a Northwest Registered Agent
  • provides top-level services: Get access to other Northwest Registered Agent services such as Account Account Secure Client, Free Limited Mail Forwarding, Company Agreement or Articles of Association, Bank Dissolution, Corporate Guidance Service, and Standard Privacy
  • Summary: VIP services are great when you want the Northwest Registered Agent to set up and maintain your LLC while you focus on managing your business and pay fewer monthly fees.