Here’s what you need to know about workplace cleaning

Cleaning floors, surfaces, dusting, and organizing their belongings usually come to mind when we think about workplace cleaning.

What is cleaning?

It’s the use of detergent and water to eliminate germs (bacteria and viruses), dirt, grime, and other impurities from various surfaces.

For a busy workplace, cleaning is very essential not just for the sake of it though because it can reduce the risk of injury as well as increase production and morale, as well as generate a positive first impression on visitors. Additionally, it can help an employer avoid fines for non-compliance.

Workers in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants that include hazardous materials, combustible dust, or other flammables all must practice office cleaning.

As a general rule, all workplace safety programs should include house cleaning measures that every employee should take part in.

Here’s what you need to know about workplace cleaning

  • Reducing dust

Even if you wipe down every surface, it won’t be enough to get rid of dust. Learn how to remove dust from the air as well. Remember your employees’ health depends on the quality of the air they breathe.

Dust is made up of a variety of substances. Some organic and inorganic materials are mixed to form a composite material. Dust is also a result of germs and elements we bring in from the outside, such as dirt and pollen, which contribute to the accumulation of dust.

Now there are various ways on how to reduce or get rid of dust such as

  • Ditching the feather duster

Using a feather duster does help to remove some of the dust that has accumulated on your office’s surfaces. Instead of using this to dust desks and fans, use a damp cloth or sponge.

When you’re trying to get rid of dust, stay away from cleaning products that contain chemicals. When it comes to achieving the same results, water is a great alternative to toxic chemicals.

  • Invest in solid doormats

Invest in some sturdy doormats for your staff to wipe their feet on when they enter the building

  • Hire a professional cleaning services

Some people are born with the ability to clean, but not everyone is born with this ability. To ensure that your office is always clean, hire a cleaning service in London that will come in multiple times a month to clean.

  • Sweeping comes before mopping

Offices and bathrooms should be swept. From the far corner of the room, mop backward toward the entryway (don’t mop yourself into a corner). It is important to rinse the mop after every 4 x 4 feet area.

  • Disinfecting surfaces

Disinfecting is the process of killing microorganisms on surfaces with chemicals. Disinfectants are less effective against germs if they are dirty.

The disinfectants made to be used on hard surfaces, that is to say, surfaces where spilled liquid pools and does not soak in. Alcohol at a concentration of at least 70%, chlorine bleach at a concentration of 1,000 parts per million, oxygen bleach, or wipes and sprays that contain quaternary ammonium compounds.

After cleaning, it’s vital to use disinfectants since dirt and grime can limit the effectiveness of disinfectants. Without properly cleaning the surface with detergent, a disinfectant may not be effective.

  • Clearing clutter

Working in an untidy environment might result in problems with ergonomics and even injury because workers have less area to move around in.

Once tools and other items have been used, workers put them back in storage or discard them. Clear untidy locations and clear the aisles of messes, as well as the stairways, emergency exits, electrical panels, and doors.

  • Prevent things from falling.

Worker and equipment safety can be improved by using a toe board, toe rail, or net. You can also avoid falling objects by stacking boxes in a straight line up and down.

Additionally, heavy equipment should be placed on lower shelves, and equipment should be kept away from desk and table edges. Also, avoid piling items in locations where workers will be walking, such as aisles and walkways.

  • Prevent trips, slips, and falls

Most workplaces experience slips and trip injuries during cleaning.

Cleanliness is a key factor in reducing the danger of slips and accidents. The cleaning process, on the other hand, can create additional dangers.

  • Clean your floor with a cleaning method that is appropriate for the type of flooring.
  • Remove people from the area until the floor is completely dry.
  • When there are no pedestrians nearby, clean the area.
  • Clean with a detergent that has been diluted to the right concentration.
  • A slip-resistant shoe can assist reduce slips and falls on floors that aren’t kept clean and dry, such as in public restrooms.
  • Prioritize cleaning frequently touched surfaces

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, it’s important to prioritize cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that are touched frequently. You’ll find them on doorknobs and sign-in equipment at work stations, in toilets and sinks, even on kitchen worktops and cabinet handles. This means prioritizing surfaces that are dirty or used by a large number of people when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing for example printers, switches, and any other shared machinery, tools, and equipment.

  • Vacuum

From top to bottom, start working. If you want to properly vacuum your desk and office, you should use the upholstery brush, narrow attachment, and carpet attachment. Then, vacuum up any stray dust that the cloth missed.

  • Wipe mirrors and glass

Clean all mirrors and glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth dampened with water, followed by a dry microfiber cloth.

Bottom Line

Working together to clean is one of the finest methods to have a room cleaned quickly. Schedule a time with your personnel in advance, and allocate duties to each person at that time. Your office will sparkle in no time if you work together.

During your cleaning, keep an eye out for maintenance issues, such as a leaky sink that could result in water damage.

With these steps, your workplace will always be clean and you’re workers will be safe from any injury during the process, or Cleaning Services London could help with all your cleaning needs.