Check Out These Nightlife Spots in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is known for many things: but its nightlife might be the most exciting part!  From the countless bars and clubs to the welcoming locals and fun tourism vibes, you’ll never run out of new experiences to explore while you’re here.

These are the top nightlife spots in Washington, DC, and why it’s a must-stop destination! 

Cloak and Dagger

This club is a favorite part of DC that stuns every single week!  Open From Wednesday night to Saturday night, and you can enjoy high-paced dancing and fun hip-hop hits, and incredible live shows and events.  Although the nightclub has a Victorian theme and looks old school, the modern music, awesome drinks, and fun environment are anything but prudish.  This is a must-stop destination.


When you need to cut loose after a long day of sticker shock from looking at Washington, DC, houses for sale: it’s time to visit Ultrabar.  Once a bank building, this fun dance club now holds the secret to the best DJs and party vibes in the city.  This is a very divisive bar since you either hate it or love it after visiting, but you have an amazing time regardless.

Although the drinks are affordable, they aren’t that strong, so you may want to consider going somewhere else if you enjoy stronger sips!

Eden Lounge DC

Interested in neon lights, awesome DJs, and incredible art?  You must want Eden Lounge!  This club and lounge near the Renwick Gallery is an excellent work of art in itself, offering an extremely beautiful setting to drink and dance in.  The live DJs ensure that no two nights are the same, and the fantastic vibes will keep you wanting to come back every weekend.  This is in a walkable area downtown, which means you don’t have to worry about getting an Uber! 

Eighteenth Street Lounge

If you love feeling like you’re in an underground club, that’s a well-kept secret: it’s time to check out Eighteenth Street Lounge.  Built out of a converted townhouse, this awesome club gives you a chance to enjoy affordable drinks while also dancing the night away.

This is the best place to meet locals and get to know the regular clubbing and partying scene!  If you’re tired of tourists, this is the palace to go to.

Tips to Remember

If you’re new to the DC area, there are some important things to keep in mind!  The most important ist hat traffic here is bad even if you’re alert and aware.  This is rated one of the worst places in the country to drive and has the highest number of accents per capita of any city.  Driving drunk, or even tips is absolutely not an option anywhere, but especially not here.  There are countless Uber and Lyft drivers here to depend on.

Remember to make friends, but be aware of your surroundings!  People travel from around the world to stop in and check out this city, and there’s no telling who you’ll run into.  Have fun, but remember to be careful.

Washington, DC, Knows How to Party!