How To Choose Designer Wallpaper For Nursery And Kid’s Room

Months and or weeks before the baby arrives, parents prepare the nursery room. They purchase the crib or cot, changing mat, and stuffed toys. They also choose to paint the room or opt for designer wallpaper.

Many parents are now considering wallpapers. Besides the fact that you can personalise the wallpaper, wallpapers have unique prints and patterns, too!

Here are some tips for choosing designer wallpaper and wall stickers for nursery rooms in Singapore:

1. Consider the type of wallpaper

There are at least three types of wallpaper: non-pasted, pre-pasted, and self-adhesive.

The parents or contractors have to apply the adhesive on the wall before sticking the non-adhesive designer wallpaper.

Parents or contractors wet or dampen the wallpaper with pre-adhesive before sticking them on the wall.

Self-adhesive wallpapers are just like stickers; the parents or contractors only need to stick them on the wall.

2. Design and colour

People choose a living room wallpaper with a neutral colour and design, but parents can be creative for nursery and kid’s rooms. Parents traditionally go for blue and pink, depending on the baby’s gender, whilst others pick gender-neutral colours.

Parents like wallpapers with patterns and prints, including animals, space and planets, superheroes, and floral designs. Some try to personalise the wallpaper by printing the name of the baby.

3. Matching the furniture

Some parents choose wall stickers in Singapore that match and complement the furniture and other elements of the nursery rooms, including the crib, pillows, carpet, curtains, and upholstered chairs.

4. Consider the coverage

Will the wallpaper cover the entire room, or will you only use designer wallpaper on the focal point of the nursery? Are you considering covering the ceiling as well?

The coverage will determine the size of wallpaper you will need.

Consider the budget

The type of designer wallpaper, the intricacy of the design, and the size of the wall stickers in Singapore impact its cost. If you want to stay within your budget, you may consider cutting back on these areas.

Are you ready to design your nursery room?

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