Choose A Delivery Packaging: Cardboard, Plastic, Wood, Or Glass?

In the world of product shipping such as in Brandt Box for example, not all materials are created equal. Despite the absolute domination of plastic in food packaging, cardboard is making a strong comeback. Indeed, security is one of the main issues for people. Other materials, such as wood or glass, remain more ecological but less practical to use, making cardboard (especially if recycled) a material of choice for companies.

The 6 Advantages Of Cardboard For Shipping Products

  1. Cardboard Is Renowned For Its Strength

Cardboard is a material that seduces both its resistance and its solidity. This advantage is due to its composition, which includes the superposition of several sheets of paper, thus providing sufficient thickness.

This thickness is known as the flute or wall of the paperboard. If the carton has a single corrugated paper, it is referred to as a single corrugated carton. But if it has two corrugated papers, we refer to double corrugated cardboard. So, when there are several fluted and corrugated sheets, the strength of the paperboard is increased.

  1. The Versatility Of Cardboard

If the cardboard is the material of choice for making deliveries and shipping Medium Boxes, it is because it is renowned for its versatility. It is a material that can help us safely transport a host of objects, especially during deliveries or removals.

It also makes it possible to transport small parcels intended for dispatch by post as it offers a packaging solution for articles of all types, without forgetting that it can serve as a kind of storage box, archiving, and storage.

  1. Cardboard Is A Practical & Foldable Material

Cardboard is very popular because it is light and easy to use, which is not the case with wood or plastic. In this way, the cardboard requires little space for its storage. Just undo it and lay it flat so it can be stored in a very small location.

In addition, cardboard is appreciated because it is handy and foldable, which provides space-saving storage and tailor-made cardboard packaging.

  1. The Carton Is Customizable

Cardboard can be easily customized to your needs. The importance of packaging in a marketing strategy can make all the difference. There are many ways to make your brands known (POS, kakemono, trophy engraving, etc.), and printing personalized boxes is one. For example, you can use online services and have personalized cardboard packaging printed on

Printed cardboard adapts easily to printing machines, making it possible to carry out targeted advertisements to promote your various projects efficiently. This advantage allows the creation of customizable cardboard boxes that respond exactly to your indications.