Workers Compensation Insurance – What You Need to Know

Worker’s compensation insurance protects employers from lawsuits brought by injured workers. This type of insurance also provides partial medical care and income protection for injured workers. This coverage is required by most states and is purchased from either a state fund or from a private insurer. If you are an employer, you should know about […]


What Is A Timing Screw?

Timing screws are the smallest part of an engine. Their basic design is straight-root. They have an inside diameter and an outside diameter that gradually increases in height. The design of these screws allows them to feed smoothly into a container. There are many different variations of these screws, including those that are used to […]


Public Relations Services For Brand Reputation Management

With the introduction of the internet, the public relations industry experienced a huge transformation. One of the biggest changes was the creation of the ProfNet, a collaborative effort of public information officers and media experts that provided journalists with access to authoritative sources on a variety of topics. Its membership included colleges, nonprofit organizations, law […]


Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an important part of a company’s compensation package. They are also important aspects of the employee experience and company culture. For example, healthcare is a common employee benefit, whether in the form of health insurance or a health savings account. Other benefits include dental and vision plans and paid time off. Paid […]